The Great Outdoors Colorado under a Blizzard today

Winter in Colorado means snow, and sometimes Blizzard. Today the Western US Mountain State is under a blizzard warning and severe snow storms.

Fort Collins is a typical city described as the Great Outdoors. Fort Collins with wide portions of Colorado is under a Blizzard Warning until midnight tonight, issued by the National Weather Service.

Snow crews continue to clear arterials and emergency routes. Visitors and locals are urged tol avoid travel unless it is truly an emergency.

Electroc Companies in Colorado are dealing with tree branches downing lines, Xcel crews are dealing with damage done by snow piling up on electric poles.

Of the 7,500 total outages for Xcel, about 5,500 of them are in Northern Colorado.

“A significant number of the outages are up in the Greeley and Fort Collins, which is where the snow has the most impact and the wind,” Velasquez Horvath told a local TV station.

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