Race Riot Site from 1908 Could Become A National Park

A site in Springfield, Ill., where a white mob murdered six African Americans and burned Black homes and businesses in a 1908 race riot, could become a new addition of the National Park Service. The COVID-19 relief bill signed by President Trump last night included a provision that ordered the National Park Service to conduct […]


National Health Award-2020

By winning ‘National Health Award-2020’ held at India International Centre, New Delhi, Dr Roshni Sharma brings laurels to J&K UT. Event was organized by Nutrition and Natural Health Sciences Association. She has been awarded in view of her work done in Public Health in past years. Currently she is working as Research Scientist in Safdarjung […]


The Ethical Challenges of Connecting Our Brains to Computers

Controlling animal movements with your thoughts alone. Monitoring a pupil’s attention in class with a headset that scans brain activity. And, of course, the much more familiar cochlear implants that help the deaf hear or deep-brain stimulators that assist people with Parkinson’s disease to regain functional mobility. This is neurotech—new, potentially revolutionary technology that promises […]


A Half Century Later, the Journey of Apollo 8 Still Inspires

Editor’s Note: This blog was originally posted in December 2008 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Apollo 8’s historic mission. It has been lightly edited. On December 21, 1968, Apollo 8 was launched on one of the greatest journeys in the history of human exploration. Imagine if Columbus took only the Santa María, sans landing […]


Baby Bees Deprive Caregivers of Sleep

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that taking care of babies is a demanding business. New parents are always on duty, and late-night feedings and fussing leave caregivers chronically sleep-deprived. Turns out the issue is not unique to humans. Because the same thing happens to bees. Researchers found that worker bees […]


Pregnant Women Must Be Included in Medical Research

Pregnant women have historically been excluded from the majority of medical research under the justification of protecting these women and their pregnancies from harm. But when new treatments are not tested in this population, we cannot know whether those treatments are safe and effective. People who are sick or have chronic conditions can become pregnant, […]


Brain Sides Both Busy In New Language Learning

Anyone who has tried to learn a new language as an adult knows how hard it can be. And usually the ability to comprehend someone else comes before the capacity for speaking the new tongue. “When you’re listening, you can kind of gloss over the details. So, you may not need to understand every single […]


America on Dialysis – Scientific American

Jeffery DelViscio: [00:00:00] Welcome to a very special episode of Science Talk. I’m Jeff DelViscio, senior multimedia editor at Scientific American. For months Undark magazine has been working on an incredibly ambitious five-part series on chronic kidney disease. It’s called Profit and Loss: America on Dialysis. Scientific American partnered with Undark to tell this vital […]


This Bat Wears a Facemask

The wrinkle-faced bat covers its face with a flap of skin, seemingly as part of its courtship rituals. — Read more on Source link


Pterosaur Origins Flap into Focus

For more than 160 million years, pterosaurs soared over the earth. They were as much a part of the Age of Reptiles as dinosaurs were, and they were the first vertebrates to fly by flapping. But how did these leathery-winged creatures evolve to take to the air in the first place? Paleontologists have puzzled over […]